Online Food Manager Certification Course

Per Student: 30 Day Access – $69.00  60 Day Access – $89.00  90 Day Access – $99.00

PPS clients and students can now take the online “Food Safety for Managers” course.  This online course is the only certification course that you can use on all your devices: desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, smartphones or just about any mobile device, Mac, Windows.

The online course is sold in packages of access time, some folks want to fly through the course in a few days (buy the 30 day access) while others need to take a few months and go over the material a little each day (buy the 60 or 90 day access plan).

Please be aware the Food Safety for Managers course is for training purposes only and that you must pass an exam approved by your jurisdiction to become certified.  The cost of the exam is not included with the online course fee and even though there are online exams you can take they must be taken in the presence of a registered proctor to prevent cheating.

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